My favorite line of Shampoo

While other companies make their products overseas, I always look for products made in the USA using human grade ingredients and pure essential oils. Earthbath Natural Pet Care Buy on…

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Best Dog Food For Tear Stains

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You'll want to be sure to feed your dog the best food possible, sticking with a top rated brand that contains zero additives and either minimum corn and wheat or…

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Fun Walk=Happy Dog

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Happy walks with my fur babies: Lola, Maxie and Rocco. It never gets old walking dogs and taking cute pictures of them. It makes my day when I am able…

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Pet Gear Stroller

As a pet sitter I made sure to do my homework before purchase my first Pet Stroller.  I never needed one before because I never lived on a high floor…

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Dogs Socializing

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Dogs socializing with other dogs it is the key to having a healthy and fun outdoor and indoor experience. The best thing you can do is trying socializing your dog…

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Dog Walking

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Dog walking is very fun. You get to meet other cute dogs, breath some fresh air and exercise with your pal! Whenever you decide to go for a dog walking…

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Dog Sitting

Dog Sitting is the most amazing job in the whole world. Dog Sitting is a lot of work, it’s just as if you have a kid. To me all the…

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Time for a Bath!

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Diva Haley looks amazing even when all soaked and wet!!! I recommend bathing a dog with normal skin once a month with dog shampoo.  If you want to bathe more…

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