Dogs socializing with other dogs it is the key to having a healthy and fun outdoor and indoor experience.

The best thing you can do is trying socializing your dog at a very young age. Between 3 and 12 weeks of age is the sweet spot for socializing a puppy.  That way your dog will always act natural when he or she bumps into other dogs without feeling fear, anxiety and stress.  Did I mention no barking as well? 🙂

I try not to overwhelm them, specially when I am pet sitting.
Usually I limit the amount of dogs that stay overnight in my palce, because just like us humans need our space, peace and quiet, our furry babies would appreciate it sometimes as well.

So with that being said, dogs socializing is great!  They will feel happy and comfortable when encountering other dogs and people too.
Oh and also they will sleep like a baby after playing for hours with their playmates.

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